Genes and Homosexuality

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Recent Genome Research Clarified

And a Brief Biblical Summary Related to the Issue

[After a recent exchange with a gay Facebook friend who thought a recent major gene study was evidence he was born gay so “God made him gay”, I thought this clarification would be in order]


The largest-ever study of the roles of genes in homosexual behavior hit the news at the end of August. Nearly half a million genomes went into the research. The purpose was to see if a person is genetically predisposed to same sex sex. In presenting the results the line between the factual hard-evidence results versus the “might be” interpretive good guesses has been blurred.


1.. No “gay gene” was found in this massive landmark research. This is the headline news. The discovery of a gay gene was the great hope of the LGBTQ community in order to settle the issue, “I was born gay.” But that was not to be.

Let that sink in. After decades of talking about a “gay gene” and years of scientific digging trying to find a “gay gene”, all the evidence points to no “gay gene.”

2.. The scientists “estimated” thousands of genes influence same-sex sexual behavior, each playing a small role “might” explain 32% of the variation in sexual behavior. However, only 8% to 25% is actually measurable, the rest, 68% to 92% of the influences toward same-sex behavior, is explained by environmental influences, from hormone exposure in the womb to social influences later in life.

Let that sink in. There is only the possibility, no conclusive evidence, that many tiny variations in thousands of genes may have at best a 32% influence on sexuality, and possibly as little as 8%. The rest are environmental influences. And the entire estimate could be wrong, with no genetic influence at all, as no hard conclusive genetic evidence was found.

3.. Only five DNA markers associated with sexual behaviour were found. Here is where it gets a little complicated in summarizing these results, but several points must be made clear to see how speculative these results are with regard to having same sex sex:

(a) The genome-wide association study (GWAS) looked at the genomes of the hundreds of thousands of people for single-letter DNA changes called SNPs and found only five that were more common among those associated with same-sex sexual behaviors, and those those five SNPs collectively explained less than 1% of the variation in sexual behaviour.
Let that sink in. The five SNPs collectively explained less than 1% of the variation in sexual behavior. That means over 99% cannot be explained by the only common SNPs.

(b) None of these five SNPs have the power to predict homosexual behavior of an individual.
Let that sink in. No predictive value.

(c) Those with these SNPS were more open to new experiences, more likely to use marijuana, and at higher risk for mental illnesses such as depression.
Let that sink in. The same markers for same-sex activity point to higher risk for the mental illness of depression.

(d) All these extremely limited association estimates are based upon a “genome-wide association study” which according to Wikipedia: “In general, these associations are very weak, and may even be entirely meaningless except in the case of rare genetic diseases.”
Let that sink in. The associations are weak at best and possibly entirely meaningless anyway!

4.. The study found no Kinsey continuum from completely heterosexual to homosexual, instead, people who have exclusively same-sex or exclusively opposite-sex partners are genetically distinct from people who have partners of both sexes.
Let that sink in. The study calls into question the commonly held Kinsey continuum scale with bisexuality in the middle.

5.. The researchers worked with LGBTQ advocacy groups on the best way to convey their findings in the research paper and to the public. No pro-traditional family advocacy groups were invited to offer their input.

Let that sink in. Non-scientific activists with an unapologetic bias, LGBTQ advocacy groups, were given a say, with their prejudiced interpretive spin, on how the results of the study were to go public.


1.. God gave the pleasurable gift of sexual intimacy to be enjoyed within the protective boundaries of a mutually consensual marriage commitment between a man and a woman who are not closely related in blood.

Sex outside of those boundaries is sin, which includes:

—rape (non-consensual sex)
—pedophilia (sex with a child)
—pornography (sex with pictures)
—fornication (unmarried sex),
—adultery (infidelity in marriage),
—incest (sex between close relatives),
—homosexual acts (same gender sex),
—prostitution (paid for sex),
—orgies (group sex)
—polygamy (sex with more than one spouse)
—bestiality (sex with animals)

2.. Homosexuality is only one of many ways to commit sexual immorality and should not be singled out to the exclusion of the other ways to commit sexual immorality.

3.. Temptation is not sin, yielding is. Homosexual desires are not sin any more than are the desires of fornication, adultery, pedophilia, or rape. Acting out on wrong sexual desires is sin.

4..Feeding wrong sexual desires is lust, and that is sin. Lust is the place to win the sexual sin battle.

Succumbing to lust is a slippery slope to outward sexual sin.

5.. Both heredity and environment influence us all to sin.

6.. Heredity—we are all born with a sin nature in the flesh so to find a biological connection to various sins should not be a surprise—genetic or some other hereditary factor. Our born bents to sin can differ, some with a propensity to alcoholism, others to obesity, others to heterosexual sex addiction, others to same sex attraction, others to depression, others to violence, and etc. But we all have a negative pull of the “flesh” to sin, our heredity.

Born with a propensity does not make it a gift from God. God’s word determines which desires are evil, to be overcome, and which are good, to be cultivated. To say “God made me gay” is no more biblical than saying “God made me a pedophile” (that is not to say the two are moral equivalents, they are not, but only to illustrate the point).

7.. Environment—we all live in a fallen world with evil spiritual forces. These two forces tag-team on each of us to rebel against God and do our will over God’s. Our environment is spiritually polluting, promoting sexual immorality of all types. Throughout history, religions played an important role in promoting sexual immorality, and that is true today.

Family relationships also play an important part of our environmental influences. A child sexually molested by a step father will have issues that differ from a child blessed with a loving healthy father relationship. To what degree environmental factors influence same sex attraction can be debated, but that the environment has some influence cannot be dismissed.

6.. Salvation, new birth in Christ, does not eradicate sinful propensities, but provides spiritual power to overcome both the hereditary and environmental sinful pulls. A person with a past of heterosexual sexual promiscuity, sex addiction including an addiction to porn rarely has those desires disappear upon regeneration. But daily victory is possible in Christ following the biblical directives of “flee” and pulling the roots of lust.

The alcoholic who comes to personal faith in Christ rarely looses all desire to drink and the risk of “falling off the wagon.”. The same is true for the person with same sex attraction. It is naive to expect someone to loose same-sex-attraction desires because they are a Christian.

7.. Same gender attraction has some similarities with heterosexual desires for fornication or adultery, but with the obvious profound difference that all same sex behavior is wrong, while not all heterosexual sex is wrong and can find fulfillment in marriage. For the straight person to feel what it feels like for the person with same sex attraction to cultivate a heterosexual relationship, imagine being told God wants you to be gay.

Having investing a lot of time with guys with same sex attraction who wanted to live straight, my heart goes out to those in that same boat.

At the same time, God has and will offer the power to live a sexually moral life of celibacy or heterosexually.

The gay man who says I will not obey God’s will until God changes my desires is demanding heaven on earth. The straight Christian who insists the gay person give evidence of true salvation by an eradication of all same sex desires is hypocritically demanding what he cannot show in his own heterosexual struggles with lust.

8.. The mission of Christianity is to transform individuals who then influence society, not to transform society to influence individuals. Put another way as I have often said, don’t try to clean the fish before catching the fish, it can’t be done and only makes the fish mad. In a free country like America the legal bar may be set low, the adult consent standard. Two consenting adults may have sex, including unmarried sex, adultery, homosexual sex, orgies, and even prostitution and polygamy. To again beat the drum I’ve been beating for years, “legal is not necessarily moral.” No laws against fornication, adultery, homosexual behavior, increase or pornography, but the Christian is to flee from them as sexual immorality.

9.. The Christian is to expect persecution for making a moral stance. To biblically love the homosexual will be called hate by the world. The Christian should not be surprised if he/she is the recipient of angry name calling, like homophobe, bigot, hater, unchristian, close-minded, and moronic.

10.. When an Evangelical parent is told by a son or daughter, “I’m gay/a lesbian,” too often the response is either too punitive or too permissive.

Shunning your child will only cut off contact and reinforce what the LGBTQ community has told him/her, conservative Christians are mean. Approving the gay behavior and reinterpreting the Bible puts everyone in a deceived mode.

Biblical love treasures the family relationship showing extra affection and full family inclusion without approval of the behavior, even if the gay child calls you homophobic.

What about attending the gay wedding. My personal advice is to attend having made it clear your attendance is out of family love, not approval of the marriage

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