Creation Versus Evolution — What Do You Think?

Creation Or Evolution …
What Do You Think? — A Gallup Poll Shows 73% of Americans believe God either Created Man in His Present Form (42%) or that Humans evolved with God’s Guidance (31%)
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Recently several scientists have been telling me how ignorant I am because
1 … I reject Darwin’s THEORY of Evolution
2 … I don’t believe that the THEORY OF Evolution should be taught as a scientific fact in our public schools.
After 90 years of teaching EVOLUTION ONLY in our public schoolsonly 19% of Americans actually believe that humans evolved and that God had no part in the process.So that means that as many as 4 out of 5 people believe God created men.
Of course all of this doesn’t prove anything except:
1. Just maybe I’m not as crazy and out of touch as these scientists friends think I am.
2. Only a small MINORITY of Americans place their faith in evolution.
3. Just maybe there are a few facts about the Creator that the scientists have failed to consider.
4. Intellectual arrogance is when the overly educated think that they are more intelligent than everyone else.
5. The intellectually arrogant think if they continually point to a false majority who agree with them and repeat the evolution mantra over and over again that the foolish people will believe that their obvious fallacy must be true. Argumentum ad populum

Grace and Peace to you my friends,

Bob West – Geezerdust2020©

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