In Memory Of My Buddy … >>> Chris Souza <<< Who Died In Viet Nam ---


Anyone who was around in the sixties in Southern California
will tell you that it was fun, wild, and crazy times.

At least that’s the way it was for me and my friends …
high school was an ongoing extended party.
We lived out the movie “American Grafitti” for three years.

The one big interruption to our party was the Vietnam war.
The draft became something to worry about since on the day we turned 18 the draft physical notice came in the mail.

Chris was one of my closest friends. Recently I was reading my senior yearbook and Chris had written on the signature page:

“December 5th – my birthday
I’m glad I was born …
so I could be old enough to be your buddy.”

Shortly after we turned 18 I was talking with Chris about the draft. Neither of us wanted to go to fight in a war (we were still just kids) but out of love for our country we never would have considered not going, if called. It was the way we were raised by our parents.
I explained to Chris that I was joining the Air Force Reserves
and he could maybe get in with me as well.
“No he said; I’m just going to take my chances.”

When I got back from six months of Air Force training
Chris had been drafted. It was only a few months later that Chris was shot and killed in Vietnam, and I was attending his funeral in Lakewood. That was one of the saddest days of my life.

I will never forget Chris.
I loved that little guy like a brother.
God bless our heroes. War Is Hell
Bob West

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