My Favorite Year

(Looking Back To A Post From Seven Years Ago)
I Survived But Cheryl Is Now In Heaven
Who Would Have Guessed – But Life Moves On
And God Gave Me New Meaning, Hope & Peace
I Am So Happy and Filled With His Blessings
(Seven Years Ago) … “I have been home now for a week – from 12 days in ICU. I had what the doctors call Multiple Organ System Failure. Cheryl tells me that my condition worsened twice where she thought I would not likely survive.
I don’t want to bore you with all the details but I am convinced that it was a combination of incredible medical care, the faithful prayers of my friends and family, and my loving and all powerful God who pulled me through. I never thought about it before, but I’m convinced my prayers while dying were surely not nearly as effective as those of my friends. The prayers of others is clearly a key reason many of us are still here.
My friend Marianne (now in heaven) wrote me that God has given me a testimony of “unconditional provision” and He has certainly demonstrated that fact over and over to me.
So now I am back home 30 pounds lighter and too weak to walk, and I’m wondering what God would have me do now? What changes does He want me to make? Much like in the hospital, I sleep every other hour and wake up nauseous. I am WEAK. Your continued prayers are appreciated.
So, why focus on the movie “My Favorite Year?” It’s very funny but certainly – not my favorite. You see, I am convinced that God knew just the right medicine I needed, and it was this silly old movie.
Feeling a little depressed and stir-crazy, I turned on the TV to the same old ignorant political news. So I scanned the movie channels and started watching old classics. An amazing thing about us humans is that we are so different from any of God’s other creations that a movie we saw 40 years ago can somehow bring memories that bring tears of joy.
I remember … like it was yesterday: a very special day. It was my daughter Shannon’s 12th birthday. A most perfect day for one of the loves of my life. Shanana as I called her back then invited her two best friends: Shelby and Shea for her birthday celebration. Cheryl and I took the girls to Hollywood. We walked the streets of fame; and went out to dinner. Back then it was a big deal to take a picture of the three of them and have it printed on a tee-shirt for each of them to wear. I wonder if the girls still have those tee-shirts. We then moved on to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre to watch the movie “My Favorite Year.”
You might say it’s only a coincidence that this movie from the past came on today – just at the right moment. But with God there are no accidents.
Shannon, I love you more today than the day you were born …. More than you will ever know.
Now that was a favorite memory – What is my favorite year? Almost anyone (who was there with me) would agree that it was almost ANY of the years growing up in Lakewood CA in the early sixties.
But for me there is far better year than that entire decade. For me – 1980 wins hands down. I was personally mentored by Zig Ziglar, saved our marriage, read 52 books, Casey was born … and Jesus saved me from myself, and took over my life.
Now to my many atheist friends (from those Lakewood years) whom are some of my best friends, I know you might think I fell and hit my head — but how and where do your memories, emotions, and feelings fit into the absolutely impossible theory of evolution that you have hopelessly accepted as fact???
It is time to believe in Jesus. Only Jesus can give you peace and hope for your future. Believe in Jesus. I have absolute certainty – you can too.
All men are like grass, And all of their accomplishments are like the flowers of grass. The grass withers, and the flowers fall off, But the word of the Lord endures forever.
And now — What Is Your Favorite Year?
“For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1:6
Grace and Peace to you my friends,
Bob West – Geezerdust 2020©

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