Some Things … We Don’t Need To Think About

Do you support the following Policies? Vote For Joe Biden and the Democrats.

End all oil and gas related Jobs and  any oil related products –

No Cars, Trucks, Planes, Motorcycles or any other machine that uses oil or oil related fuel.

Open borders

Free healthcare for Illegal immigrants

Move all manufacturing jobs outside the USA to China and other third world countries

Black Lives Matters and reparations

Free gender transition surgery

Mandantory alternative sexual education and orientation K-12

Mandantory indoctrination with progressive, socialist values

Defunding the Police

Ending Charter Schools

Abortion on Demand

The rewriting of our Constitution to transform to socialist values

Ban All Gun Ownership

Tear down and rebuild all buildings in the USA

End single family home ownership

Free College and University Education

Free healthcare for all

End Freedoms of Religion, Speech, Thought, and Travel





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