The Theory Of Monkey People

Evolution Is A Lie …
Never Be Afraid To Stand Up To Those Who Claim They Are Standing On Settled Science – They Are
Actually Standing Upon The Atheistic Religion Of Evolution & They Are Lost Leading the Lost

Here’s An Online Back And Forth Today – Smile
Evo – who evolved to become enlightened

Bob – being brainwashed is not becoming enlightened.

Evo – and being religious isn’t altruistic, so what’s your point.

Bob – The point is the left has brainwashed two generations of Americans with lies about actual history. Who’s talking religion here? Would you like to enlighten us on the religion of evolution?

Evo – don’t try to be funny bob, science invites criticism, religion smothers critical comment.

Bob – Science invites criticism ??? – now … that’s funny. As a believer in Jesus Christ and the bible, I am not associated with any religious denomination and might well agree with your religion criticisms. On the other hand. I have never seen or heard science invite criticism, challenges, or questions in regards to evolution … or more recently man-made global warming. On the other hand the science lovers on the left are quick to ignore and disregard science when it comes to issues they do not agree with science on — such as murdering babies.

Evo – take a look at the scientific method bob

Bob – What they say and reality are often quite different. Take a look at circular reasoning and also the 2nd law of thermodynamics – Doug.

Evo – that’s called quack science or intelligent design. Scientists invite, encourage and welcome peer-reviewed criticism, good science advances through continued observation, testing and rigorous reexamination. Your religion lives in the past.

Evo – Bob West Share specific examples of scientists disregard evidence. Provide sources.

Bob – That’s very easy – – Simply walk outside and look around – “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.” Rom 1:20

Bob – (Note: dragonfly and other creation clips posted) – hopefully these examples will help – but if not I understand – the atheism that controls science has much invested in disregarding Creation and they have a monopoly on providing only their version of truth. But in reality truth never changes and it is true whether one understands it or not.

Evo…well, you’ve convinced me bob, where do I sign up for talking snake and donkey classes.

Bob – I teach those classes every 6th Friday of the month at Midnight – your welcome to sign up

Evo – Evolution explains diversity, not origins.

Bob – Actual examples of transitional fossils from one species to another might be a good start on that idea – but there aren’t any

Evo – just one obvious example of how species evolve is to think of cross-breed farm animals and of our own 2.5 to 4% genetic input from the Neandertals. These relatively small changes in our genetic makeup possibly occurred over a short time scale and geographical area and would, therefore, be extremely difficult to find in the few human fossils we have. Now remind me of the logistical difficulties your god had to overcome in transporting the T-Rex down onto our Earthly home.

Bob – there are no logistical problems for my omnipotent, omniscient God. But your problem is still providing those transitional fossils. There are countless fossils – just no transitional ones – doesn’t that bother you?

Evo – “so god only needed to say Abracadabra and as if by magic we had whichever creature he desired, bloody marvellous. Do you not see the folly of your questions.”

Bob – “No I do not see folly – this is the same God who was born of a virgin, who walked on water, fed thousands with a few loaves of bread, raised a dead man, and gave sight to a man blind from birth. If he is real he does millions of what we would call miracles every day – if not then yes creation would be just as foolish as evolution clearly is for anyone who actually tries to search out the supposed evidence. My hope is in the fact that the miracles all around me every day and Jesus’ resurrection from the dead are apparent to me. To the contrary, evolutionist’s hope is in either dead mere men or soon to be dead mere men who can’t even demonstrate that even the most basic premises of their religion of evolution are true. And yet they present it as settled science – deceptive atheistic babble.”

Evo – very few adults come to believe your nonsense; you need to be indocrinated from a young impressionable age or be extremely gullible to fall for it. The folly to which I made note refers to your dismissal of fossil evidence for evolution on the grounds of insufficient specimen, yet you’re more than willing to accept a heap of crap founded on myth. Where did your god come from, and does his mother know he watches people having sex.

Bob – What vacuum have you been living in? Personally I heard and believed the gospel for the first time at age 34. That must mean I am extremely gullible according to you. And there have been hundreds of millions of believers over the past 2000 years. I guess they are the very few you speak of. But you see — foolishness like evolution which I rejected as a child – makes creation by God much more easy to accept. Evolution is what requires one to be gullible. Like I said – your gods are dead men who cannot and have never demonstrated even the most foundational points of their theory – and yet they say you must believe or you are ignorant to even question the theory. Unless of course you submit to peer review of other brainwashed victims of the theory … which is in reality their religion — which is sold most dogmatically.

Evo – do you talk to your god, and to what lengths would you be prepared to go to please your god.

Bob – Yes I talk to Him every day. That’s called prayer. I am prepared to stand in front of the bullet for a stranger like you.

Evo – if the voice you hear asked you to fire a bullet at an atheist like myself would you obey it.

Bob – The voice I listen to doesn’t have conversations like that with me. And that command would be contrary to the law of Christ. My God never contradicts Himself.

Evo – There is no extra biblical evidence for the existence of Jesus; but there is a mountain of evidence for evolution.

Bob – Open your eyes – the extra-biblical evidence for creation is everywhere around you. How can you explain the miracle of the dragonfly or the hummingbird and millions of other miracles? Certainly not by evolution. And even though there is an unlimited fossil record – evolution cannot provide a single transitional example . Talk about faith – and evolution says – “we don’t believe in miracles”??? Sorry friend – Evolution is just another religion – be it an atheistic religion.

Bob – in reply to your statement “being religious isn’t altruistic” — are you serious? Where in the world did you get that idea?

Evo – nobody is speaking to you, it’s well-documented hallucination.

Bob West You are free to your opinion, but you and your friends have zero knowledge or understanding of who is or is not speaking to me. But just out of curiosity – documented by who?

Bob – And I will assume your silence on the issue means you can’t disagree with my conclusion that evolution is just another man-made religion that’s promoted much more dogmatically than most other religions.

Why do I enjoy this so much? In some ways, he reminds of myself before I became a believer. He only needs the gospel and he can easily become transformed spiritually by the renewing of his mind. Prayer Changes Things.

Grace and peace to you my friends –

Bob West –

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