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Here is a conversation I recently had with a man that identifies as a christian socialist. I think it is easy to see why we are not likely to solve most of these problems,
BW — I do know that their is a big difference between responsibly managing the environment and shutting down the east coast fishing industry, farming in central California, and the US oil and coal industries ???
BW – Now why don’t you show me some justification for shutting down these industries … biblical or otherwise? I am convinced that God provided man with the needed resources to be used. Not abused … but responsibly used.
(Please note how easily this supposed “Christian” switches the conversation to murdering babies ???)
CS – Underline the word responsibly. With regard to what you refer to as the abortion “industry.” I have been very clear, no one that is sane wants to see more abortions. With that being said, outlaw or restrict access to abortion and you will see a) rich people or people of influence will just get on a plane and get there abortion(s) and b) people with limited money or access will go to the back alley. Is that what you want?
BW – I want America to stop the murder of innocent babies … however we have to do it. A few idiots going overseas or into back alleys is no justification to legalize murder.
CS – A few? In 1973, there were an estimated 1.2 million illegal abortions performed in the US THAT WE KNOW OF. because it was underground they say the number could more than double that. The number is much lower than that today especially when you take into account the population increase.
BW – The idea that legalizing abortion has brought down the number of abortions is obscene. I would say that 40 million murdered babies since RoeVWade is hardly evidence of reduction. In any event, abortion is murder … and I believe that if there are reductions it is a result of evil abortions being displayed by the pro-life movement. Once informed most women do not want to be responsible for the murder of their unborn baby, in spite of the fact that the pro-abortion movement has done everything they can to conceal and twist the truth on the issue.
But regardless — one murdered baby is one too many.
CS – It’s a FACT. Would you rather have more abortions or fewer abortions? Would you rather have women going to the garage or back bedroom or a doctor? Clearly you would rather take us back to 1945.
BW – I would rather have no legalized murder regardless of your foolish rationalization.
CS – I am glad we are able to finally boil down your position. You would rather have more illegal back-alley abortions than fewer legal abortions that are performed in a medical facility. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion(s) no matter how sick and distorted they might seem to other rational human beings. Don’t even waste the time with any further justification of your position.
BW – murder is murder.
CS – So in your mind, more murders are better than fewer murders. I am sure you also are in favor of loose gun control as well. The people you vote for sure do. How many more mass shootings do we need?
BW – A society that doesn’t even identify murder as murder … is a society that is destined to fail. Abortion is attacking the effect rather than the cause.
And by the way, I can’t speak to 1945 — but compared to today, going back to the values that were driving America in the 50’s and 60’s looks awfully appealing to me, in many ways.
BW – Guns? I don’t own one; but I do not believe that un-arming the lawful citizens is a not an intelligent solution to the problem. Abortionists, Marxists, corrupt politicians, illegals, false religions, false economy, no jobs, printing phony money, excessive taxation, and radical Islam are far greater dangers.
CS – Is a society that denies health care to children and those children subsequently die committing murder? Also…no one is advocating denying citizens guns however no citizen should have the right to bear an assault weapon or a gun that fires bullets with a caliber .45mm or an automatic weapon that fires at a rate faster than X number of rounds per second.
BW – NO — Providing free healthcare is not a condition of a free society. The current call for gun control is just the first step in a series of steps. In the end when citizens have no guns they are often murdered by evil leaders. It has happened over and over again. What legal basis do you have to decide the size and quality of the weapons of other law abiding citizens?
CS – Good. I have been trying to corner you for quite some time on this issue. Your position is clear now. Use the power of the federal government to stop abortions but once the children are born forget about the idea of using the power of the Federal Government to provide them the necessary resources to succeed (education, nutrition, health care, etc.) when they do not have the resources available to them to. Your position can be summarized as follows; “Life begins at conception and ends at birth.” How do you reconcile this position against your Christian beliefs? Can you provide me with a specific book or verse in the bible that says to hell with helping the least among us? Your position on gun control is also clear…let the citizens have whatever weapons they desire. Why not let folks purchase bazooka’s? Rocket launcher’s? You use the term “free society” but you clearly want to grant freedom only to those that agree with you and use the power of the government to restrict those that are against you.
BW – You are a master at twisting the truth and continually use sweeping generalizations in an attempt to support your false assumptions. I never said education , nutrition, and healthcare etc. should not be available to all. But rather I am convinced that these opportunities are more readily available in America than any other country in the history of the world already. Bazooka and rocket launchers? “Life begins at conception and ends at birth.” These are your ideas … not mine.
BW – I’ve got work to do … I will close with this verse: “For the love of Christ controls us, having concluded this, that one died for all, therefore all died; and He died for all, so that they who live might no longer live for themselves, but for Him who died and rose again on their behalf. So from now on we regard no one from a worldly point of view.” 2 Cor. 5:14-16
BW – Please tell me where I am off base?
CS – No Reply
Grace and Peace to you my friends,
Bob West – Geezerdust©2020

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