Is It Ever Necessary To Kill A Baby? In Order To Protect The Life Of The Mother?

I cornered a OB/GYN one time and asked him straight out. In the fashion of a Liberal, he gave me a non-answer,…
I said, that is not what I asked, and repeated my question, which I think was worded, “Is it ever necessary to kill the unborn baby to save the mother’s life.
He again gave me a non-answer, like, “there are conditions that can be life-threatening.”
I repeated, “That is not what I asked you,…”
Finally, with a sigh, he answered “No, there is no condition,…”
You see, these “life-threatening conditions, already have legal medical procedures available to save the mother’s life – even if a total ban on abortion was passed, these procedures would still be available to pregnant women.
I had one of these so-called conditions when I was pregnant with Jake and a friend of mine suffered another of these so-called life-threatening conditions. Neither of us went to an abortion clinic.
I had a healthy baby and unfortunately, her baby had no chance of surviving, but neither of us needed an abortion, to protect our own health.
This may not have been true in my mothers generation and generations before her, but today we have far more advanced medical knowledge and equipment.
Today, more women suffer medical problems , complications and even death, from abortion.
BUT, many of these abortion related complications are listed as “postpartum, which is technically true, but very misleading when looking at the statistics charts. Thank you Ginger Holm
Bob West – Geezerdust

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